Are you looking for safe, long-term weight loss? If so, a new supplement called raspberry ketone may be able to provide you with the results you desire. Since raspberry ketone was featured on “The Dr Oz Show”, it has quickly grown to become the #1 selling weight loss product on the market. Dr. Oz even went so far as to call raspberry ketone a “miracle in a bottle.” So what is raspberry ketone, how does it work, and is it really safe?

What is Raspberry Ketone?

Raspberry ketone is a natural fat busting compound found in red raspberries. Raspberry ketone is what gives red raspberries their smell and coloring. Other than for weight loss, raspberry ketone is used in perfumery, cosmetics, and as a food coloring.

There is only a trace amount of raspberry ketone in red raspberries at about 1mg per 1lb. of red raspberries. Therefore, it is one of the most expensive compounds to buy in a non-supplement form. This is why you will see raspberry ketone supplements normally priced somewhat higher than other types of weight loss products.

Raspberry Ketone and Weight Loss

Raspberry ketone does two primary things to promote weight loss. First, raspberry ketone boosts the production of a hormone in our body called adiponectin. Adiponectin has a variety of functions but one of its’ main functions is to control the release of fatty acids inside fat cells. 

Essentially, by taking raspberry ketone, your body will naturally start to cause fatty acids to leave fat cells. This is what Lisa Lynn meant when she said raspberry ketone “slices open fat cells” when she appeared on the Dr. Oz Show. These fatty acids are then taking to the liver and converted into usable energy. In other words, raspberry ketone helps make it easier for your body to burn fat.

The second way raspberry ketone helps weight loss is by increasing the rate at which your body burns calories, known as your metabolism. Your metabolism is actually a series of chemical reactions that are influenced by a variety of hormones. Raspberry ketone helps stabilize these hormone levels and increase your resting metabolic rate, which is the rate at which you burn calories during a time of rest. By doing this, raspberry ketone helps increase the speed at which you burn fat.

These two mechanisms are what make raspberry ketone such a potent fat burner. It is actually a dual-combo fat burner in that it makes it easier to burn fat while simultaneously increasing the rate at which you burn fat as well. There has never been such a potent fat burner like raspberry ketone.

Other Benefits of Raspberry Ketone

The best part about raspberry ketone is that there are numerous other benefits to taking a raspberry ketone supplement in addition to weight loss. Here are just some of the many additional benefits you can experience:

Lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels: Both cholesterol and high blood pressure are related to obesity, which is why overweight adults are at a higher risk for a heart attack than adults with a normal weight. By naturally reducing your weight, your body will respond by naturally improving your blood pressure and reducing your LDL cholesterol levels.

Increased energy: As explained earlier, raspberry ketone helps your body constantly produce and use more energy. As a result, you will notice your energy levels are much higher throughout the entire day and you won’t have the normal mid-afternoon crash that we experience so often.

Improved immune system function: Raspberry ketones contain a large concentration of antioxidants, which remove free radicals from the body. These free radicals damage our skin, our organs, and slow down our internal body processes. By removing these harmful cells from our body, our entire body can function much more efficiently. Plus, antioxidants help fight disease and sickness, which is always a benefit, especially during the winter months.

Improved mental function: Many users of raspberry ketone note a significant improvement in mental function like improved focus, productivity, memory, and clarity of thought. This could be due to improved energy levels or raspberry ketone could just have an effect on mental function. This isn’t proven but it’s been reported by a large number of raspberry ketone users.

Raspberry Ketone Side Effects

Now, while raspberry ketone has a clear effect on weight loss and overall health, it’s not worth using if it is not safe. So what are the side effects of raspberry ketone?

In most adults, there have been no reported side effects of taking raspberry ketone. The FDA lists raspberry ketone as GRAS, or (generally recognized as safe), which further affirms the thought that raspberry ketone is safe for most people to take. 

There is a small percentage of the population that has an allergy to red raspberries, but this percentage is estimated to be less than .0004% of the total population. Therefore, there is not a major concern raspberry ketone regarding allergies. However, if you know you have an allergy, you should not take raspberry ketone.

Pregnant or nursing mothers should speak to their doctor before taking a raspberry ketone supplement. While there do not seem to be any health issues surrounding raspberry ketone, it does affect multiple different hormone levels in the body, which can have some adverse effects on the mother. Therefore, pregnant or nursing mothers should speak to their doctor before trying a raspberry ketone supplement or any supplement for that matter.

Like pregnant or nursing mothers, diabetics should also talk to their doctor before trying raspberry ketone. Raspberry ketone affects blood sugar levels and insulin resistance, which is important to diabetics. There have not been any major reports of any serious health effects but just to be safe, speak to your doctor if you have diabetes.

Raspberry Ketone Supplements

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